Title of the course: Generative AI - Use of Chat GPT in everyday business life

Course overview:

1. Basic knowledge for the use of ChatGPT

  • How it works
  • Guidelines for its use
  • Comparison with other generative language models
  • Data protection, copyright and usage rights

2. Basics of prompting in ChatGPT

  • Knowledge generation with ChatGPT
  • Principles for prompting
  • Prompting for complex requirements
  • Prompting techniques and priming method

3. ChatGPT extensions and complementary tools

  • Uploading and interacting with data
  • Creating graphics and images
  • Advanced data analysis in ChatGPT
  • Applications for ChatGPT

Learning outcomes:

Participants gain initial experience in using ChatGPT. They will learn how to formulate efficient questions for the chatbot dialogue and how to generate their own dialogue results. 

The course includes the creation of effective prompts, familiarisation with prompting methods and the use of individual instructions.

Course duration: 3 h self-study