Developing skills and competencies for teaching and learning in a digital learning world - that is the mission of the DIGIMENTUM Lab.

Time- and location-independent learning, cooperative work and communicative action can be perfectly developed in a digital learning environment, both in vocational training institutions, in further education academies and directly in the company.

Trainers and instructors can use virtual learning spaces to create methodically and didactically prepared learning content for their seminars. In this way, a complex process chain of digital teaching and learning is mapped, from the creation of a knowledge base and thematically structured learning offerings to their digital distribution and management.

Using various building blocks from the Digital Education and Training Lab's software tool portfolio, the different functional elements of the learning environment can be combined into a complex cloud-based platform. Technologically, it is the concept of an intelligent content delivery API that runs through the entire system landscape.

We use software tools that enable collaborative work in agile teams. This means that active collaboration between team members increases the effectiveness of learning and concentration in the delivery of knowledge, even in larger groups.

The Digital Education & Training Lab is a transnational knowledge and innovation center for sustainable, digital solutions.

It is a network of European partners for new forms of teaching and learning in the digital space, through research and development, through implementation and evaluation.

We creates networked and sustainable competencies for digital teaching and learning.

  • We have a wide range of experience in different sectors and European regions, and a scientific advisory board accompanies the Lab's work.
  • Use the Lab's expertise and resources to build your own knowledge base and implement thematically structured learning offerings.
  • We support you with methodological-didactic concepts for digital teaching and learning.
  • We also support you in the experimental phases of implementing your digital teaching and learning concepts. Together with you, we evaluate learning progress and learning success during the implementation of your digital learning projects.

    Use the Lab's complex ecosystem for your ideas and projects in the field of digitization of education and training.

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