Vocational education and training (including the tourism industry) in Germany is regulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with other ministries. The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is responsible for position papers, data reports and regulations for individual occupations. All activities of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research correlate with the initiatives of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and are carried out in cooperation with other actors (e.g., the Federal Employment Agency).

The objectives of all initiatives as well as support programs on both the national and regional level are:

  • Attracting and securing skilled workers
  • Strengthening vocational training
  • Structural orientation of dual training
  • Promotion of mobility
  • Promotion of innovation
  • Promoting permeability between vocational and higher education
  • Promotion of sustainability and digitalization
  • Creation of education chains

The objectives of the regional position papers and funding initiatives coincide with the objectives at the national level. Here, the funding agencies such as: small and medium-sized enterprises (further education funding) and individuals (education voucher, education bonus) are directly addressed.