TourX – A Partnership for Excellence
TourX - The Transnational Ecosystem  for VET Excellence in the Tourism Sector
TourX - The CoVE for hospitality that caters to your skills needs

Targets at a local / regional / national level:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of vocational training in tourism-related professions
  • Increased adaptability of vocational education
  • Increased effectiveness in addressing skill needs, particularly in responding to employer needs
  • Creation of a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to skills provision
  • Better recognition and certification of qualifications for those working in the tourism sector
  •  A positive change in the attitude of tourism sector employers (mainly micro/SMEs) to participate in training
  • Expanding participation of non-typical learners in EQF level 3-5 vocational programs and adult participation in lifelong learning programs
  •  Improve learner performance, including transition to employment and advancement within employment

Finally, creating a more innovative and sustainable tourism economy at the local and regional levels