TourX is a "Center of Vocational Excellence" project, which is realized by a consortium of 23 experienced partners from 7 European countries. DEHOGA Brandenburg e.V. is consortium partner in this project.

TourX will create excellence in tourism through a bottom-up approach, where education providers in the project partnership will improve their skills in knowledge transfer through transnational and bilateral exchange of experiences and know-how transfer, as well as adapt the teaching of professional skills and abilities to ever-changing economic and social needs.



DEHOGA Brandenburg & TourX - Center of Vocational Excellence is the name of a course section of our cooperative learning platform, which provides courses and course modules that TourX partners are involved in developing or have been involved in other Erasmus+ programs. New courses are also developed and made available during the TourX project.

TourX is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The course topic: The course provides an overview of the quality and marketing initiative "BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY" of DEHOGA Brandenburg e.V. and provides information on participation opportunities, the target groups, the elements and the process of quality assessment of service quality in gastronomic establishments.

Who is the course for? Owners, managing directors, marketing managers of hotels, hotel restaurants, pubs, bars, B&Bs.

Available languages: English, German, Italian, Greek, Polish

The curriculum of the course:

  2. the target group
  3. the quality assessment process
  4. digitalization steps
  5. in focus: digital processes
  6. marketing and communication
  7. reputation and excellence

What is learned? After working through the course, participants will have a basic understanding of the subject matter, objectives, and certification of the restaurant service chain in the context of quality assessment and certification. This understanding promotes decision making to participate in this program of service quality assessment.

Specific requirements for the learning environment: the learning platform is accessible through both a PC and a tablet or mobile phone, which should have Internet access.